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Sol Wise received this email from a friend, and we hope this encourages you as much as it did us, to continue pressing into Jesus' command to forgive.
This lady is indeed moving forward with making her inner person a place where the Holy Spirit is comfortable to live and bring forth His purposes in the earth!

Dear Sol Wise! - 1

Something happened to me yesterday that I just must tell you about.

A few weeks ago I was the 'MC' for my friends's bridal shower and we had a blast. It was the best shower I had gone to, because it was small, intimate and the ladies were open, honest and very wise in their sharing.
I told you how I had learnt so much about what's going on inside me and how that knowledge has been causing me to grow as a person.

One or two of the bride's friends were not able to attend the Shower. The Bride-to-be said only that a bridesmaid was missing but I didn't know who that might be.
Then she said to me, "You should know the person," and when she called the person's name I realised this bridesmaid was someone who my estranged husband had gotten attached to at one time.

When she said the name I felt really uncomfortable inside, but more than that I felt relieved that she had not come because that would have been so awkward in such a small intimate gathering. I knew the person would have to be at the wedding, but I wasn't really focussing on that then.

The last time I had seen her would have been years ago and I had made my peace with her - after letting her know she was totally out of place sticking her nose in someone else's marriage. I had seen her once in the city after that, and I had greeted her without a problem.

Well, Sol, my friend's wedding was yesterday and I was totally unprepared for what happeneed when I saw "the bridesmaid". I can't even explain it fully. All I know is all the memories and the pain of that time came back with such force I just wanted to run up to that girl and rip her apart.

My goodness, I was in a mess. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to pick a fight and just scratch her eyes out. And I just couldn't stop looking at her, or more truthfully, glaring at her. I was totally unprepared for this response.

I thought I was okay and that I had gotten over this and had dealt with it and was completely healed of it, but that was not the case. Because I did not have to see her or interact with her, it was so easy to believe that I was over it, because it wasn't in my face. Well imagine my surprise when all these feelings came rushing over me.

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